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Find a way to be successful, find excuses will only failure

The quality you I do well, customers keep can't run

Get rid of careless of heart, improve product's quality

No measures no way management, no plan how to work

Clear up is well done, the working efficiency is step by step

No quality, there can be no enterprise tomorrow

Quality, enterprise future battle field and eternal theme

Full participation, strengthen management, strives for perfection, casting quality

Pay attention to actual effect, perfect management, improve quality, regulations benefit

Always seeking efficiency progress, all pay attention to technique

Preventive maintenance in time, the smooth production can't be wrong

Careful, attention and quality for the heart

Communication and reach consensus, so coordination and progress

A negligence one hundred people busy, everybody careful more smoothly

The science and technology as the power, strives for the survival by the quality

Unite as one, stone into gold

To have a good irrigation, just have good results

Well quality records, good quality foundation

Customers are our God and quality is his requirement

One step in a day, success on the way

Thrift, take good care of public property, to plant at home, and common development

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